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Hedge and shrub trimming


Shrubs are a great way to accent any home or business. However, overgrown hedges and bushes can keep well-kept lawns from looking their best. Improper pruning can stunt the growth of and even kill shrubs. Trimming and maintaining plants can be a difficult job; however, there are many reasons to do it. For example:


  • Shaping and trimming keeps the plant healthy by removing dead or dying branches. This allows more sunlight and water to get to healthy parts of the plant. Furthermore, hedges and bushes which are not properly pruned are more likely to have overgrown root systems. This can rob nearby plants of nutrients in the soil.

  • Carefully-manicured plants complement a beautiful lawn. On the other hand, overgrown plants can make even the best-kept lawns look neglected. Also, when plants are well-kempt, they look more natural against a home than overgrown plants. They also develop a more compact structure, making them look much lusher than if left unattended.

  • Plants around walkways need regular shaping to prevent the walkway from becoming blocked. Blocked walkways not only look bad, but can be a hazard for anyone using them. Not only is there the clear hazard of tripping over a low limb, but also the threat of burs, thorns, and bees.

  • It is important to trim shrubs near the entry of the house to prevent windows from becoming obscured. These plants can present a security risk, enabling burglars to get closer to your home undetected.


These are just some of the reasons which make hedge and bush trimming an important part of maintaining a lawn. With the proper care, it is possible to keep plants healthier and keep them longer, creating more vivid color in your yard, and making a well-kept lawn look even more beautiful and polished.



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