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Snow removal and sanding services

It is our number one goal at D & H Lawn Care, LLC to keep parking and sidewalk areas safe for our clients.  At D & H Lawn Care, LLC, we provide complete snow removal services for the Helena area.  We have numerous commercial plow trucks and a Cat wheel loader with a push plow to clear the deep stuff.  We utilize a combination of ATVs, snow throwers, and hand shovels to clear the walkways and sidewalk areas.  In order to make the walkways and entryways safer, icemelt can be requested and applied to help melt icy spots.


We have two commercial sanders to apply sand and gravel to parking areas after storms.  Our sand has a combination of gravel and salt to give the application a 1-2 punch to give the lots better traction.


Monitoring the weather is crucial for timely snow removal.  I utilize a unique method of monitoring the weather via the web and weather monitors at our shop to ensure our crews get out to service the area in a timely manner.  The trigger point for our snow removal is 1" of accumulation.  On large storms we assure we will be there once during the day and may have to service sidewalk areas more than once for businesses during the daytime hours to ensure the entryways are open.  On a continuous snowstorm we will usually have to service places two day in a row.  Call us today at 406-439-9527 if you have questions or concerns about this service.



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