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Sprinkler system maintenance and watering tips

In the spring, we can turn on your lawn sprinkler system, check for any potential leaks, test the coverage of all your sprinkler heads, and get you ready to start watering.  In the fall, we can blow-out your sprinkler system and winterize it for the coming cold months.


We service and repair all brands of sprinkler systems, no matter who installed it or when it was installed.  Some of the most common sprinkler repairs include:

  • broken sprinkler heads

  • inadequate water coverage (too much or too little spray)

  • sprinkler timer adjustments

  • cracked or leaking sprinkler pipes

Simple Watering Tips:

  • Water earlyin the moring

  • Watering infrequently promotes roots to grow deeper (ex: Water every other day)

  • Make sure you have proper sprinkler coverage

  • Avoid short frequent waterings.  Water slowly and long enough to soak the soil, yet avoid runoff.

  • While walking on grass, if your footprint stay in the grass then it is time to water.

  • Avoid watering during the heat of the day because much of the water will be evaporated.

  • Avoid watering at night becasue this will promote fungal and pest growth in the grass.

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